Anti-Aging Procedure

These days it is possible to look 10-15 years younger without undergoing surgery and the associated recovery time. Remarkable results can be achieved using the appropriate combination of procedures for each person.

Young look of the skin is characterized by its having smooth surface and its being naturally balanced and moisturized. As time and years go by, the skin loses those characteristics of its and this is considered to be manifestation of first signs of skin aging. Together with those, there are also other factors which have impact over this process (skin aging), such as emotional movements (mimics), for example, quick weight loss, stress, the nervous system status and last, but not least, the aggressive sun exposure. All these factors bring to growth in the cutaneous layer, which, on its behalf, is a prerequisite for appearance of first wrinkles and lines on the skin.

Our cosmetic procedures are all minimally invasive, safe and performed by skilled medical and dermal professionals and are generally more affordable which include....

  • Brow Lift
  • Eye Lid Surgery
  • Face Lift
  • Fillers
  • Skin Peeling
  • Skin Polishing

Breast Surgery

Breasts as they occur naturally are not perfectly symmetrical i.e "twins, not identical twins." Some balance can be achieved by differential filling and placement.

Women with implants who have pretty, big breasts are women who, without implants, had pretty little breasts.

Cleavage does not occur naturally, and attempts to place implants so close, as to achieve this may result in synmastia, (the touching of one breast prosthesis against another) which will result in an unnatural look Following are procedure we carried out at our centre.

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Lift
  • Male Breast Reduction

Face Surgery

Our plastic and reconstructive surgeons treats patient with a wide range of conditions, including congenital and traumatic deformities of the face and neck .Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures are designed to alter (and hopefully, improve) the appearance of specific features of the face, head, and neck. Sometimes these procedures can significantly improve function also which include

  • Drooping eye-lid
  • Ear Surgery
  • Nose Augmentation
  • Nose Shaping

Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure that includes moving a person’s hair follicles from one part of body to the balding or bald area. Generally, this process is used fortreating male pattern baldness, and grafts consisting hair follicles are transplanted to the bald scalp which are genetically resistant to balding.

However, hair transplant it even utilized for restoring eyelashes, beard hair, chest hair, eyebrows, and pubic hair and for filling in scars caused due to surgery or accidents like as face-lifts and earlier hair transplants. Hair transplantation is different in comparison to skin grafting as in grafts contain all dermis and epidermis surrounding hair follicle, and several tiny grafts are transplanted than a individual single strip of skin.


Obesity Surgery

Bariatric surgery, or "weight loss" surgery, is designed to help severely overweight individuals lose weight, achieve better health, and enhance their quality of life. Our multidisciplinary team consists of surgeons, nurses, a program manager and program coordinator, as well as, physical therapists, dieticians, bariatric equipment specialists, and numerous other professionals. Our team works together to provide the highest quality compassionate care for our patients. We provide ongoing education and support before, during and after your hospitalization and surgery. Our team know first-hand what it is like to have obesity procedures including...

  • Liposuction
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Gastric Band
  • Gastric Bypass
  • Gastric Sleeve
  • Gastric Balloon

Skin Treatment

  • Skin Polishing
  • Skin Filling
  • Mole Removal
  • Birth Mark
  • Wart
  • Tattoo Removal