We have the most advanced facilities for the treatment of Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) ailments with world class technology & renowned practitioners. Providing a comprehensive range of emergency and non-emergency services.

Our ultimate aim is to provide care and information about the diseases of ear, nose and throat. We have state of the art diagnostic facilities with the aid of modern gadgets and we provide medical and surgical treatment with the help of advanced equipments including microscope and endoscopes with video recording facilities .

Technology clubbed with well-experienced practitioners is integral to our innovative services. A brief glimpse of our facilities, equipment and services.

  • • Micro Ear Surgery: – Deafness, Ear discharge, Giddiness
  • • Head and Neck Cancer surgeries
  • • Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
  • • Endoscopic Dacrocysto Rhinostomy
  • • Endoscopic Optic nerve decompression
  • • Endoscopic ORBITAL Decompression
  • • Endoscopic CSF Rhinorrhoea Repair
  • • Phono surgery for voice disorders
  • • Microlaryngeal surgery on Vocal cords
  • • Facial Nerve decompression surgery
  • • Micro Ear Surgery: Thyroid Problems, Tracheostomy, Laryngectomies